Madison Chevy Dealer Treats me Right

While I haven't always driven Chevrolet cars, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them. I grew up with a father who worked for General Motors and the mentality that you only drive GM cars. The first car that I leased on my own was a Chevy Malibu. Three years ago, I drove down to my Chevy Dealer and I bought my second Malibu.

The Madison Chevy dealer is the easy choice becasue they are so easy to work with. The car was a little harder. Of all the Chevrolet cars available on the market, I chose the Malibu for several reasons. While I needed the size to fit my family, I didn’t want a big car. My budget didn’t really allow for anything much bigger than a mid-sized vehicle either. I looked around at some of the other GM brands, such as Pontiac and Saturn, but I kept coming back to the Malibu.

Several things kept bringing me coming back to the Malibu. The year I bought my Malibu was the first year the newest style came out. I really liked the new style over the previous one. I did keep an open mind that I may have to settle for a used one in the old style, but I wanted the new one. The car was comfortable and it had a lot of features that weren’t on any of the cars I owned previously. I love being able to monitor my mileage, the life of my oil and the air pressure in my tires. I only wish I could have gotten it in green.

Recently I drove a Chevy Cruze and was very impressed. The Cruze may end up being my next logical choice in cars as I step up a little. Even though I have always dreamed of owning other Chevrolet cars, especially the Camaro, I know that I need something that is better in the winter and can fit my family. Things can get a little tight when all five of us need to go somewhere, but the Malibu is a good car and I haven’t regretted my decision once.