Motorcycles and 18 Wheels Donít Mix

Contribution on 18 wheeler law from The Ryder Law Firm

Along with don’t drink and drive should be a slogan something like don’t ride your motorcycle close to a 18 wheeler. Not too catchy but makes sense. Hundreds of thousands of truck accidents occur on American highways every year, but what causes them? Can you blame it all on the truck drivers, or do other drivers on the road deserve some of the blame as well? Do crazy motorcycle riders riding too close, drafting, or just being stupid contribute to the problem? Every 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer knows the most common causes of these accidents, and many do leave responsibility largely with the truck drivers.

For example, all 18 wheeler attorneys have handled many cases for accidents resulting from defects or mechanical failures in the truck. This may not be the direct fault of the driver, but it is the fault of trucking company owners who are responsible for maintaining the trucks.

Some accidents are caused by issues directly related to decisions made by the truck driver. For example, a driver in a rush to meet a deadline may go too fast, which puts the lives of others on the road in danger. They may also go without adequate sleep and fuel up on coffee and other caffeinated drinks, which increase their risk of falling asleep behind the wheel.

Some truck drivers are simply careless and may drive too close to other vehicles. They are human drivers just like those behind the wheel of smaller vehicles, so they can get road rage and make dangerous movements just like anyone else. The difference is their dangerous movements can be far more risky for everyone on the road.

Yet, there are some cases in which a truck accident lawyer knows the accident was caused by other vehicles on the road. For instance, many cars frequently cut trucks off because they need to make an exit or do not want to be stuck behind the truck. This is dangerous, since trucks cannot slow down as fast when someone cuts directly in front of them.

If you are riding your bike and have an accident with a truck you will need to hire an injury attorney, regardless of what caused the accident. The damage is likely to be far beyond what it would be with smaller vehicles. Therefore, the financial damages can be enormous. There may also be more physical damages that affect the rest of your life.