Protect Yourself with Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle racers need to wear protective clothing. If you've ever gone to watch a race, you'll see riders in motorcycle racing suits, helmets, boots, and gloves. Of course a crash helmet is by far the most important piece of safety gear for a motorcyclist, but that's not to say it's the only safety gear they require. A racing suit, and especially the type used by most racers nowadays, is incredibly strong, hence the reason why one often sees a rider come off their bike, slide along the track, and then get up and walk away unscathed.

In addition to a helmet and a racing suit, there are also other pieces of protective clothing used. These would include things such as gloves and boots, but for someone who races motorcycles, a helmet and a racing suit is their primary concern. There are many great motorcycle helmets available; one to check out is the AGV Helmet. Racing suits are made from a number of different materials such as leather, nylon, and Kevlar. With that said, the vast majority of riders tend to opt for suits made from synthetic material rather than the leather ones. This is of course because technology has made it possible to manufacture racing suits which are far more resistant to abrasion than their leather counterparts. When one purchases a good quality racing suit, it often comes with a matching pair of gloves which have built-in carbon fiber knuckle protection.

Those riders who prefer leather can choose between a one-piece suit and a two-piece suit, and of course the leather used to manufacture a racing suit is different from the leather used for making everyday clothing, in that it's been a specially selected for its protective qualities. Protective leather is not only stronger and more durable than regular leather, but it's also more flexible. Contrary to what you may believe, a leather racing suit does not need to be excessively heavy, providing the correct leather has been used, and providing it's been manufactured to a high standard.

Most racing suits also come with additional built-in protection in order to protect a rider's knees, elbows, and shoulders. This built-in protection is usually constructed from a high density plastic or titanium, thus offering the rider maximum protection if they end up sliding along the road surface after having come off the bike.

Even though leather has been the material of choice for many decades, many motorcyclists on nowadays opting for a racing suit made from one or other "man-made" material. The most common materials being used nowadays include:

- High density ballistic nylon such as Cordura
- Kevlar

Some suits are also made from a material with is essentially a blend of those materials mentioned above, and many of these "synthetic" suits are also waterproof, which means that they are ideal in all types of whether.

As mentioned earlier, a crash helmet is the most important piece of safety gear. Generally speaking, a crash helmet consists of two layers. The hard outer layer is designed to spread the force of an impact over a large area, while the inner layer is designed to absorb as much of the impact as possible. Even though most helmets are made from the same materials, there is none the less a huge difference between a good quality helmet and a poor quality helmet. Considering that it's the helmet which will save your life in an accident, it only seems obvious that it's not something one should skimp on.

The bottom line is, spending your money on a good helmet, and a good racing suit is certainly a wise investment for anyone who rides a motorcycle, even if you never take part in a race. 

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