Avoid Motorcycle Sports Injuries with Good Equipment

Top of my list for protective equipment is a helmet and leathers.

A motorcycle helmet being the most important safety gear and leathers because, well man it kills to have your skin ripped off. A decent helmet generally has 2 layers which are a hard layer outside and soft layer inside. The hard outside layer is made to soften the hard impact and the soft inside protects your head and gives you a good fit. Bell Helmets are one of my favorites and the Bell Star is awesome.

The leather in a motorcycle racing suit is different from the leather used for making everyday clothing. Protective leather is stronger, more flexible, and more durable than regular leather. Many motorcycle racers now choose suits made from some "synthetic" material. The most common materials are high-density ballistic nylon and Kevlar. These "synthetic" suits are also waterproof, which means that they are ideal in all types of whether. Some suits are also made from a material with is a blend of materials. Most racing suits also come with additional built-in protection in order to protect a rider's knees, elbows, and shoulders. This built-in protection is usually constructed from a high density plastic or titanium, thus offering the rider maximum protection if they end up sliding along the road surface after having come off the bike.

Gloves and boots are very important part of any protective outfit. It's important to pick the glove that is right for your riding and are normally a very personal choice. Gloves come in short and long, synthetic and leather, and may have built-in carbon fiber knuckle protection and palm protection. Boots are now made of combinations of leather, Gore-Tex, high impact plastics, and metal.

So go out and buy some good protective gear. Look at helmets like the Bell Motorcycle Helmets talked about and leathers, gloves, etc. Save some skin and your life.